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The Way of the Animator – Real Animator Training

The Way of the Animator

by AMB 2018

‘It is an Art Learned from a lineage of lines
That inspired the imagination of Generation upon Generation
The marks made by its Masters Marked the Destiny
of many a Dreamer Who studied them
with passion and purpose’

Its Practitioners like the Samurai or the Jedi
Are true Disciples of Discipline Drawing knowledge and Power
from the Forces within.
We who practice it are in Command Its principles place us
in complete control
Leaving only our creativity to captain our soul

We redefine dimension, fold time and space
By drawing lines perfectly into place
For every shape and every line Is our absolute intention
By our very own design.

We do not fall to patience Nor do we give in
For the Love of what we do Shines deep from within
Not blinded by technology Or Digital device
We dream the illusion and Draw it to Life

Traditional, Classical Hand Drawn, Frame by Frame
Many have defined it with Technique as its name
It is a Force A Power That dwells in the mind
Its principles are Pure And at the Base of Creation
Such is the Reality of Real Animation
It is more than a wish upon a star In the sky…
For We who Love Drawing
Will Never let it Die’

AMB 2018

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