AMB ANIMATION is Hand Drawn Animation at it's Highest Quality

AMB Animation Represents the works and teachings of veteran Animation Artist AMB (Arshad Mirza Baig) who has dedicated his life to the art form of hand drawn animation. Whilst enjoying a 20 year career as an artist serving the animation industry in roles diversifying from Animation Director to Lead Story Board Artist and Character Designer, AMB has committed himself to the preservation and advancement of the art of Hand Drawn Animation also known as Traditional Animation or Classical Animation. Below are some of AMB's Past Clients


The Real Animator Training Library contains everything AMB has Learned From Working 20 Years In The Animation Industry Commanding Different Roles In Character Animation, Character Design and Storyboard. It currently houses over 250 Training Videos.


Giving is a mandatory action as far as AMB is concerned and through his various social media channels he regularly donates quality rich content to the online animation community for free.  AMB takes both pride and pleasure from knowing that his free content far surpasses paid alternatives and benefits all manner of animators improve their abilities including professionals from around the globe. 

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Real Animator Growth, Development and Progress is a free to join facebook group for people looking to improve their understanding and abilities in animation. It is populated by Real Animator Training Library Members, some of whom are industry professionals, independent animators and graduates. It also offers a free introductory archive to the Real Animator Training Library called 'Real Animator Preliminaries'. The archive contains nine free lectures from the exclusive training library making it the perfect peer group for those looking to advance their abilities in animation.


AMB Animation is also developing projects intended for release. The projects will always place the quality and artistry of animation as its priority. You can get in touch with AMB Animation regarding projects using the link below.

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