The Real Animator Training Library Lectures are by a REAL Pro and Designed to Give You REAL Results That will Make a REAL Difference To Your Work That Will Make You Feel Like A REAL Animator and You must have the right attitude and willingness to learn. So While You're Here, Watch The Video and Read This Carefully


The Library is Everything that I Have Learned From Working 19 Years In The Animation Industry Commanding Different Roles  In Character Animation, Character Design and Storyboard. I have Produced Over 180 Training Videos in 6 Categorized Archives And The Count Is Growing On A Weekly Basis And You'll Get Unlimited Access To It All.


All the Years of My Life Spent Working in the Animation Industry have been Condensed into these Video Lectures and Tutorials and I am Showing you Everything Step by Step with Thorough and Detailed Explanation. No secrets, No Glossing over, Just 100 Percent Raw and Real Guidance With Unlimited Access Available for You Today.


A Lot of Great Animators  Keep The Secret Of Their True Skills  Hidden Away For Reasons Of Their Own. I Am Giving You All Of My Knowledge Because You Are The Future Of 2D Animation And 2D Animation Desperately Needs You To Champion The Medium And Start Restoring The Exclusive Quality That It Once Celebrated!


If You've Tried Your Best To Learn Animation From Books, Youtube Videos, Spent Money on Online Tutorials and Courses and even attended a College and Got a Degree... And You Feel There Must Be An Easier and More Effective Way For You To Hit Your Goals Then You Might Be Right...

In Fact, This May Be The Fastest, Easiest and Most Effective Way For You To Master Animation Even If You Don't Have Much Drawing Ability Or Expensive Software.


Students Who Have attended some of the world's Leading Animation Courses have paid well over $45,000 a year for a four year course totaling well above $170,000 agree that  The AMB Animation Real Animator Training Library offers the same elite level of training (or better) for the tiniest fraction of the price.


You Need To Understand This Simple Fact -  An Animator Must Learn The Craft Of Animation... Simple Right? Well In This Day And Age Of Rapidly Advancing Technology Most People Are Forgetting The Obvious Whilst Getting Caught Up In The Technology. Animation Software (Especially In Relation To 2D Hand Drawn Animation) Is a Tool And 99% Of People Trying To Learn Animation Are Focusing On The Tool. They Have Become The Tools of a Tool. Don't Be A Tool... Be An Animator... A Real Animator...

The Videos In The Real Animator Training Library Are Designed To Make You A Great Animator and In Turn Make You Feel Like A Real Animator and Real Animator's Know How To Animate Independently Of The Tools They Are Given. Their Skill Transcends Devices and Software Programmes, It's as The Legendary Animation Teacher and Guru Richard Williams Author of the Most Popular 'How To' Animation Book Available "The Animator's Survival Kit" Once Stated When Instructing a Bunch of 3D Pixar Animators:

"I felt obliged to tell them that I knew nothing about computers. They said that wasn't why they'd enrolled, and at the end of the course they said that 90% of what I talked about applied to them." Richard Williams

REAL ANIMATOR TRAINING IS ONLY CONCERNED WITH TRAINING YOU TO BE AN ANIMATOR AND WILL NEVER TRAIN YOU TO BE A TECHNICIAN You Can Use Any Software That You Have At Your Disposal Or Even Paper, Pencil And A Makeshift Light Box If You Do Not Have A Drawing Tablet. It Really Does Not Matter As You Will Be Learning How To Animate And  Whatever Set Up Is Most Comfortable To You Will Enable You To Focus On What Really Matters - The Animation.

What Real Members Have To Say


AMB Has bridged the gap between Professional Studio Based Animators and Indie Animators.

Arshad Mirza Baig, a.k.a. AMB, Has given Self Trained Artists the skillset to outclass the professionals on Quality! That’s because AMB was trained by a lead Disney and Don Bluth Animator who was also a Sequence Director for Brad Bird’s Iron Giant. He then applied what he learned to take himself into supervisory roles on established projects and bring out the best in animators, story artists and designers.

For the past 19 years, AMB has worked in various roles on animation based projects for companies such as ‘Disney,’ ‘Universal Pictures’, ‘20th Century Fox’ ‘Lego’, ‘Hit entertainment’ ‘Nickelodeon’ and the ‘BBC’ His Leadership Roles include an Animation Supervisor and Director, Head of Story and Project Designer.

He is now sharing this knowledge with you

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I Do Not Believe in Short Cut, one simple trick And I don’t do the “Animation Hacks (insert ridiculous number)” “Cheat Sheet”s. I believe in Hard Work through commitment and Focus and that is what my Tutorials and Courses are Designed to Help You With. As Stated by Law I Cannot and Do Not Make any Guarantees about your own ability to get results or obtain professional work with my Training Material, Information or Tutorials. I Don't Know You and Besides Your Results in Life are Up to You. Agreed? I'm here to help you by giving you my knowledge and experience to move you forward faster. However nothing on this page or any of my websites and emails is a Promise or guarantee of your future results. Any references here, or on any of my sites and emails are simply estimates or projections of past results and should not be considered exact, actual or as a Promise of potential Success. All Examples are illustrative only. If you have any questions email Thanks for Stopping by. Until next time, remember. Real Focus, Real Information, Real Learning, Real Results.

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