Real Animator Training Library makes learning high quality animation a simple step by step process. All you do is follow along and experience noticeable and significant growth with every step.

Its a proven system that has attracted industry professionals, college graduates and has successfully transformed the lives of many independent animators.

Follow Along Step By Step
Separate Course Archives
Study At Your Own Pace
Online Video Course Format
What Is This?

Real Animator Training Library is an online library of over 200 Training Courses and Tutorials made by a veteran Animation Industry Artist with 20 years of experience.


How Does This Work?

You watch and follow along step by step to the videos in course archives and study from videos in tutorial archives. Follow the process without deviating and get Real results.


Who Is This For?

Real Animator Training Library is for Anyone who wishes to excel in the craft of Traditional Hand Drawn Animation, Regardless of previous experience or ability.


When Does This Start?

Real Animator Training Library is a lifetime membership so it starts the moment you join and you are free to work through it at your own speed.

Where Does This Happen?

Real Animator Training Library is online based. It contains training videos and an opt in Facebook community. You study online and at your own pace.


Why Does This Exist?

You Are The Future Of 2D Animation And 2D Animation Desperately Needs You To Champion The Medium And Start Restoring The Exclusive Quality That It Once Celebrated!



Real Animator Training Library Content

You have unlimited access to hours upon hours of high end no nonsense, straight talking Animation Instruction of the like not found on most degree course lectures. Here's whats inside.


There are 4 course archives for you to study

All Course Archives except the Advanced Archive Must be followed EXACTLY as instructed.
These are not mere Video Tutorials You must watch and follow along


Basics Archive

36 video lectures focusing on 3 of the fundamental Laws of Animation - Timing, Slowing in & Slowing out and Arcs. Other principles are touched upon as you move through 6 different Walk and Run Cycles. With Little to no drawing skill required this archive is designed and dedicated to guide you from the very beginning to an intermediate level.

Intermediate Archive

39 video lectures focusing on the 12 Laws of Animation. You Will Develop your Character Animation Ability Using The Flour Sack Through a Series of Lectures Based on Solid Drawing, Squash And Stretch, Anticipation, Follow Through and Overlapping Action, Straight Ahead and Pose To Pose Animation. You also learn the fundamentals of Animal Locomotion This Archive will give you a command over your character animation and the necessary skills to move onto more advanced animation with confidence.

Anatomy Archive (Skeleton)

THE COMPLETE HUMAN SKELETON 37 video lectures Focusing on the Entire Human Skeleton. You will learn how to Draw all the Bones and Bone Groups that make up the Human Body. You will also understand how their joints move and how to train your hand eye coordination and become competent at drawing the human figure. With a follow up archive planned on the muscular system this is the most in effective anatomical recourse available for 2D Animators.

Advanced Archive

29 video lectures Covering various Scenes and Challenges involving advanced Character Animation such as Dialogue and Acting, Advanced Solid Drawing, Complex and detailed shape control and personality, exaggeration and appeal in character acting. This Archive is designed to elevate the intermediate animator to the highest professional level of understanding and ability.

You Also get Tutorial and Tips Archives


Animation Lectures Archive
This is much like the advanced archive consisting of detailed lectures and tutorials all executed in the step by step presentation. The 19 videos in here do not have to be followed along to and can be absorbed and applied to personal work or projects.

Ask the Animator Archive
20 Q&A Video Sessions where AMB is either quizzed or challenged by the audience to Help, Answer, Explain, Draw or Animate any topic. Subjects vary from Character breakdowns, to animation exercises and Animation industry related questions.

Session Archives 
The Session Archives consist of spontaneous unplanned and unstructured livestreams packed with useful tips and tutorials. They update and increase in number. Many people find tremendous value in these videos and you will too.


Additional Archives containing Many more Videos

Here's Why This Works So Well 

Real Animator Training is only concerned with training you to be an animator. It will never waste your time or energy on showing you how to be a replaceable tool that simply operates the software of the day


True Artistic Ability

The videos in the Real Animator Training Library are designed to make you a great Animator and in turn make you feel like a Real Animator and Real Animator's know how to animate independently of the tools that they are given. Their skill transcends devices and software.

Freedom from Software

You are Free to use any animation Software available, Drawing Tablet or even Paper, Pencil And A Makeshift Light Box. It really does not matter as you will be learning how to Actually Animate not how to operate an interchangeable tool that will eventually become automated.

The Pro Choice

Industry Pros who understand software completely are joining Real Animator Training so they can understand Animation completely. Animation Graduates from recognized courses  are also doing the same as they realize that software is just an interchangeable tool

Repetitive Success

The only way to build ability is through a repetitive process. Try building a muscle by lifting a weight just once or twice and thinking you know it all. You must have a strong foundation built on fundamentals and this course has been specifically designed to make you a strong animator.


You’re Getting $170,000+ Dollars Worth of Value - For a Tiny Fraction Of The Investment…


Serious Training For The Price of a Childs Toy

You can Join the Training Library for less than the price of some games console packages. Anyone who is serious about learning animation will know this is insane value at far less than what dedicated amateur photographers or other hobbyists would commit to a pass time. If you seriously believe that the Real Animator Training library costs too much then animation probably isn't too big a deal for you and you don't belong anyway. This place is for Real Animators with Real intention.

Save well over $100,000

Think that this is an exaggeration? Probably too good to be true right?...

The fact is that Animation Students who have paid anywhere from $45,000 to $170,000 to Animation Schools and courses state that the Real Animator Training Library offers the same elite level of training (Better in most cases) for the tiniest fraction of the price.

Who This Is Not For 


O ye of little patience
  • If you think you already know how to animate because you can 'draw' and 'you just need to know how to use the software' - Please leave this page.
  • If you think animation should be a quick easy process done at the push of a button - Please leave this page.
  • If you are looking for quick tricks to make full color finished animations to grow into an internet sensation overnight - Please leave this page.

You like Free stuff so here's Some Free Advice for you... Animation Software (Especially In Relation To 2D Hand Drawn Animation) is a tool and most people trying to learn Animation today are focusing on the tool. They have become the tools of a tool. Don't Be A Tool... Be An Animator... A Real Animator...

Proven To Be Real 

Does The Real Animator Training Library work? The only way to really know is to hear it from
Real people who have actually joined.  


Animation Training that works from the get-go

Real Animator Training Library makes learning high quality animation a simple step by step process. All you do is follow along and experience noticeable and significant growth with every step. 

Its a proven system that has attracted industry professionals, college graduates and has successfully transformed the lives of many independent animators.



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IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers

I'm here to help you by giving you my knowledge and experience to move you forward faster. I believe in Hard Work through commitment and Focus and that is what my Tutorials and Courses are Designed to Help You With. I don’t do “Animation Hacks (insert ridiculous number)” “Cheat Sheet”s Short Cuts or that one simple trick. Law states that I Do Not and cannot Make any Guarantees about your own ability to get results or obtain professional work with my Training Material, Information or Tutorials. I Don't Know You personally nor do I have personal interaction with you and nothing on this page or any of my websites and emails is a Promise or guarantee of your future results. All Examples here  or on any of my sites and emails are simply estimates or projections of past results and are illustrative only. They should not be considered exact, actual or as a Promise of potential Success. If you have any questions email info@ambanimation.com Remember. Real Focus, Real Information, Real Learning, Real Results.

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