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Animation Basics

✔ Complete 36 Video Course
(over 40 Hours)

✔ Master Laws of Timing, Arcing,
Slow in & Out, Squash & Stretch
and Pose to Pose

✔ Bouncing Ball & Pendulum Series

✔ Walk, Strut, Jog & Run Series

✔ Head Turns


Animation Basics &
Anatomy For The Animator

✔ Combine Animation Basics
With Skeletal Anatomy

✔ 2 Complete Video Courses

✔ 71 videos training videos
(over 80 hours)

✔ Entire Human Skeleton
(Every Bone & Bone Group)

✔ Draw & Animate 360 Rotations

✔ Draw & Animate Joint Articulation




Real Animator
Training Library

✔ Get Unlimited Access to Everything

✔ over 200 hours of Training Videos

✔ Basics Archive

✔ Intermediate Archive

✔ Advanced Archive

✔ Anatomy For The Animator
Complete Skeleton Archive

✔ Character Animation Analysis
and Character Design Archive

✔ Ask the Animator Archive

✔ All New Lectures Courses and Archives




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