Presenting Little Red

Made by and for Lovers of Classical, Hand Drawn, Traditional Frame by Frame Animation

1 Minute 21 Seconds of 4 Minutes Completed!

AMB Animation is launching its new short ‘Little Red’ through its Freedom to Animate Films project. The film is primarily made using the once celebrated classical hand drawn animation techniques that have now been undermined and sidelined by mainstream studios and Hollywood Giants including Disney, Warner’s and Dreamworks.

Since successfully establishing the Real Animator Training Library, a life changing online training system that continues to restore the techniques of master hand drawn animators to future generations of artists, AMB Animation is now moving into its next phase: Content creation!

Little Red captures the nostalgic look of 1990’s Feature Animation and AMB Animation’s director Arshad Mirza Baig has thus far animated a minute and 21 seconds entirely on his own.
He has single handedly completed the films:

Pre production – Script, concept art, character design, Art Direction, Storyboard and Layout
Production – Rough Animation, Clean up Animation, Background Art, Final Colour, Voice Narration
Post Production – Compositing, Editing and Colour Grading.
The music and Sound effects were produced by AMB Animations Martin Eldon (The Objectivist Guitarist) under Arshad Mirza Baig’s direction.

Our next funding goal, phase 2, will enable AMB Animation to bring in assistants to help Arshad complete the project. They will aid him in Animation, Clean up, Background art and much needed post production effects which will further enhance the look of the film to the levels of its classic influences.


Completed 1 minute of Film

Pre Production Artwork
Animation & Artwork
Sound and Music




Full 4 Minute Film Completed

Animation (Rough to finished)
Layout and Background Art
Editing and Post production
Music and Sound effects

Cost £70,000



Feature Film Development

Project expansion into a proposed 90 min Hand Drawn Animated Feature
Additional Story and development art for this project and other internal AMB Animation projects.

Cost TBA


The film is intended as a 4 minute teaser and also stands alone as a great animated short. Phase 3 will be explored upon the successful completion of phase 2 and will seek to expand the project into a full length animated feature film in glorious classical frame by frame animation.

This defining moment of creative freedom where Real Animators animate exciting new independent projects will be provided by highly trained animators who understand classical techniques and will ensure quality hand drawn animated content that is specifically made for its audience.

And that’s exactly what we’re asking you to do… be part of this moment in history and be part of a return to Real full blown classical hand drawn animated storytelling for everyone to enjoy!

Once completed The 4 minute special ‘Little Red’ will be widely available across all major Social Media Platforms for all to enjoy unconditionally and You will be able to view it on
youtube, Facebook and freely at the amb animation website

1. Money Raised will be used to fund Little Red.
2. Any excess funding will be used to support future AMB Animation projects.
3. Any Shortfall in funding ‘Little Red’ will be made up by AMB Animation.

We need you to make this happen… So Show us that you’re behind us, show your support and contribute to our campaign to maintain classic quality hand drawn animated content. Become a founding contributor of this exciting new animated project today!

We are very grateful of any support you can offer us:

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Perhaps you’d love to help make Little Red a Reality and are unable to donate money towards its continued production. You can definitely still help us by sharing this project with friends, family, acquaintances and as many people that you know who will be interested in it. Social media and the internet make it easier than ever to make people aware of Little Red and you can help like minded souls such as yourself who love and cherish hand drawn animation and wish to see it once more in all it’s splendor and glory!

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