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How To Stop Making Mistakes in Art & Avoid Animation Errors

How to Stop Making Mistakes With your Artwork and Avoid Animation Errors.
In this video I answer a set of questions put to me regarding mistakes and frustration with artwork. The important thing to understand is that mistakes are a fundamental part of the growth process and without making them growth simply cannot occur.

It is true that mistakes can often be an unpleasant experience and it can be an effective strategy to base our efforts on the mistakes others have made in order to avoid making those similar mistakes ourselves. However the fact of the matter is things are going to go wrong and they will go wrong often.

We have grown up in a world where winning and succeeding is celebrated and losing and making errors is laughed at and frowned upon. With this kind of conditioning at birth it is inevitable that the human psyche is going to be a little confused when the realisation occurs that mistakes and losing are the opposite side of the exact same coin of winning and success. The contrast has to occur for one to stand out and be significant this is the basic law of opposites. However it is the side we focus on that determines our growth to progression or our demise to decay.

By understanding that we must make errors in order to progress and appreciate those errors as vital aspects of our goal and thus necessary accomplishments we can proceed towards the goal with a positive mental attitude.

This approach is also applicable to the feeling of frustration as we struggle to attain that thing that appears unattainable. the challenge is what makes its accomplishment all the more worthwhile and all the more satisfying. As the ancient stoic philosophers put it ‘the obstacle is the way’

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