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Real Animator Training – How To Maintain Form & Volume

In This Extract of the AMB Real Animator Training Library I demonstrate how the proficient 2d Character Animator must manage line and shape manipulation in order to maintain a consistency in the form and volume of the character. Character construction is a technical aspect of the craft that must be learned and mastered so that it sits easily within the subconscious skillset of the animator. This must be so because if one was to approach animating purely with construction as the central objective then the illusion of life would suffer and the vital essence of character and appeal will be lost
Loose rough gestures are always the starting point for experienced animators and once construction and anatomy have been mastered they needn’t dwell too much on them when working away. However it is vitally important for the beginner to spend a great deal of time learning and familiarising themselves with the process.
Construction is the key to consistency and anatomy and life drawing are what construction is based upon. So follow the hierarchy in order to progress in a clear and progressive manner!

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