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Real Animator Training – Advanced Character Animation

In This extract from the AMB Animation Real Animator Training Lectures on How to Animate Advanced Character Animation I demonstrate the procedure utilising the complex half human and half squid Character Ursula the Sea Witch from the iconic Disney Film The Little Mermaid. Having never drawn or studied her I spent two days studying her construction and expressions from any material that I could find online. She was originally animated by Ruben Aquino and I personally believe her to be the most appealing and finest animated of all the modern Disney Villains with shades of the Great Milt Kahl’s Medusa or Marc Davis’s Cruella. In the lecture I exemplify that no matter how complex or unfamiliar a character is the process of animation is always based on the solid fundamentals that are established in basic exercises and commonly recognised today as the twelve principles of animation. I establish a series of well planned out thumbnails that identify the framework of how the animation will play out and then think about placing key frames within them that arc nicely and accentuate the intended acting of the character. The lecture series spans seven videos that you can watch in the Advanced Animation Archive within the AMB Animation Real Animator Training Library

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