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How to Plan Animation backgrounds & Construct Animal Character Faces.

Animation Backgrounds are the subject of this livestream extract as I received a question regarding them from a member of the Live stream library. He wanted to know how to plan the animation backgrounds in relation to a character’s placement and also for camera moves. This area is very much part of the preproduction process that is first explored in the storyboard phase and then the lay out phase of an animated project. In CGI projects layout is referred to as previs.

In the video I use an old storyboard project of mine that focuses heavily on the background and environment to build tension and drama. In order to storyboard successfully one must understand staging and know how to set the scene in order to tell a story in a certain way. In the scene specific aspects of the backgrounds are utilised to build tension in the scene and I explain how they are positioned in relation to the character and how the edit points are utilised to maintain continuity and consistency with the sequence.

In another extract from the livestream I was quizzed about how to construct cartoon animal character’s faces such as Baloo the bear from the Classic Disney film ‘the Jungle Book’. I demonstrate the process and show how the construction can be used to attain different head angles of the character.

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