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How Much Should You Charge for Your Artwork?

In this video I answer a question put to me ‘How Much Should You Charge For Your Artwork’ I talk about the deeper mental concern of the matter by identifying the determining factor of Pricing Artwork as Self Worth.

Many beginners , amateurs and hobbyists or indeed graduates struggle with this question as they are desperate to establish a career as an artist and it is that desperation that leads them into an uncertain spiral of fear and doubt.

Instead of being desperate to receive income for your art you must have a definite desire to receive an income and by doing so identify that income in relation to the value that you truly feel that you provide. What do you think of yourself and your art? What would you pay for it? How experienced are you?

Experience does come into play when determining a price, there can be no doubt about that. However There is more to it than just experience you must understand the nature of the business occurring and understand that it is an exchange.

Your client will be willing to offer you a certain amount that is determined by his or her impression of you and your ability and of course their overall budget. However if they regard you as an asset they will consider your terms.

Also you need to understand what you are receiving in return. In most cases the usual ‘you’ll get exposure’ just isn’t good enough, however you will come across opportunities where you can receive a learning experience of far greater value than any price and you definitely should consider such exchanges.

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