A.MB Has bridged the gap between Professional Studio Based Animators and Indie Animators.

Arshad Mirza Baig, a.k.a. AMB, Has given Self Trained Artists the skillset to outclass the professionals on Quality! AMB Values himself on potentially being your Genie of the lamp and competitions Pain and Panic! That’s because AMB was trained by a lead Disney and Don Bluth Animator who was also a Sequence Director for Brad Bird’s Iron Giant. He then applied what he learned to take himself into supervisory roles on established projects and bring out the best in animators, story artists and designers.

For the past 16 years, AMB has worked in various roles on animation based projects for companies such as ‘Disney,’ ‘Universal Pictures’, ‘20th Century Fox’ ‘Lego’, ‘Hit entertainment’ ‘Nickelodeon’ and the ‘BBC’ His Leadership Roles include an Animation Supervisor and Director Head of Story and Project Designer.

He is now sharing this knowledge with you

Independent Game makers or animation studios that have talented but inexperienced teams will benefit greatly from AMB’s experience and expertise. Animation Graduates or artists looking to strengthen their scenes with feedback and critical analysis from a seasoned industry expert will benefit greatly from AMB’s Qualified Knowledge and guidance