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Make 2018 Your Year of Focus! (Real Animator Training)

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all had a great celebration and drawn from the positive aspects of 2017. If not look back and I’m sure you will find some, however do not remain in the past for too long, the present is our current state of being. The New Year is here and we are embarking on our destination towards our goals and ambitions. Some of us may have accomplished and be seeking new endeavors and others may be contemplating the prospect of quitting due to a misunderstanding of the term ‘failure’. I received a message about goal accomplishment and I taken it as an opportunity to highlight Focus as the key to completion. Whilst out wandering in my favorite place in New Zealand The Redwood Forest in Rotorua I looked around at the many tall trees reaching high into the sky and the realization that they once started as a tiny little seed inspired me to answer my questioner using nature as an example. The complexity of nature is found within the simplicity of it and lifeforms such as trees are the perfect example – They Grow. They seldom deviate from their path and constantly reach towards the light. They require the right environment and nourishment but their definite major purpose is to grow. My questioner queried me on Anatomy but you may have another goal. The point is to define your definite major purpose and stick to it with little or no deviation. Your nourishment will be the specific information and activities that must be absorbed and executed upon to accomplish. Remain focused and always remember Growth take its natural course of time in accordance to effort and environment. Rushing and focusing on the ‘When?’ will be the ever defining Why?’ to your negative experience. Enjoy the process and revel in the growth. Make this year your year of Focus! Happy New Year and my very best wishes to you and your dreams. Now go create! AMB

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