Live Stream Video Lecture
How To Animate Cartoon Walks - Inanimate Objects

This is a 10 minute overview of the 1 hour 57 minute  Live stream Lecture.

Price £25 GBP (Around $30 USD)

Watch and understand how you can Animate a Funny Cartoon Walk Cycle with an abstract inanimate object.  This lecture is selected from the Real Animator Training Library's Lecture Tips and Tricks Archive. It Principally focuses on laws of animation including Pose, To Pose & Straight Ahead, Squash and Stretch, Exaggeration, Appeal, Slowing In and Out as well as Overlap and Drag. Watch the process unfold from the start to tied down keys, breakdowns with rough inbetweens.
You will definitely Learn something from this live lecture regardless of being a beginner or a seasoned pro!

You get a downloadable file (1.71GB) 1 Hour 53 Mins run time. Your download link is valid for 48 hours. Please download promptly after purchase and allow time for the download to complete

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