AMB Animation Academy Live Stream Library

AMB Regularly donates his time generously by giving free question and answer sessions to animation students, beginners, enthusiasts, intermediates and professionals via the AMB Animation Academy Live Streams on YouTube and Facebook. Thousands of people benefit from being able to chat informally and have their personal questions addressed by a real animation industry expert with over 18 years of professional experience at the high end of the animation industry.

The AMB Animation Academy Live Stream Library houses the live stream sessions that have covered a wealth of topics ranging from character animation, storyboarding, character design, background design, the future of traditional animation, getting a job in the animation industry and just about any animation or drawing related question you can think of! That is because it is people like you that ask AMB the questions.

This is yet another aspect of AMB Animation Academy that simply outclasses most 2d animation degrees and courses – real knowledge from a real pro that has been there and done it. The library regularly gets updated with each new stream that is made so you can take extra advantage of the inside information contained within them.

Below is a Free Livestream Session by AMB that you can enjoy and judge for yourself if you would like to have access to this amazingly rich and unrivaled resource of awe inspiring animation based information.

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Along with the regular YouTube Comments the AMB Live Streams have also served as an outlet for Animation Students to reveal their frustration of having learned very little on expensive Animation degrees and courses. They Thank AMB for providing them with Quality instruction (much of it Free) of a level Far above that of the courses they attended. Below is an extract where a Former Full Sail Student Talks about how AMB’s Free Videos and Live Streams were of a greater benefit to her than the pricey course. Other students chime in and reveal how art school and university degrees failed to deliver for them as well.

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