Your Hidden Power – The Secret Key to Success

Your Hidden Power is a short film in animatic form that demonstrates how people around you including friends, family and loved ones may not understand your personal goals, desires and ambitions. They do not intend to hurt you and have your best interests at heart but sometimes they may say things that really bring you down and hurt you inside.

It is only their lack of belief and willingness to conform to the social norm that has programmed them to think and see things the way they do. You can overcome anything if you utilise the hidden power inside you. The power of belief! Your mind is a limitless resource of potential and it can lead you towards accomplishing anything and everything you truly desire so long as you stay on course and have unwavering belief in your idea and your ability to accomplish it.

Many people are forever looking outward for motivation and inspiration yet they are unaware that the inward power of true self belief is the ultimate source of motivation to the limitless supply of inspiration flowing into their mind through their dreams.
I made this storyboard sequence just as much for myself as I did for those of you who enjoy some of my motivational thoughts. I hope you like it.

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