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How To Be A Good Artist & Be More Creative

In this video I answer a question put to me about How to be a Good artist or how to get good at art and ultimately How to be more Creative. The great error of judgment made by many desperately seeking the answer to this question is in the approach.

In order to get good at something one must first have a definition of what good actually is. In the Art and animation world this can often be completely subjective as taste is a major factor that defines the perception of good art.

Once the standard of good is established the individual tends to start comparing themselves to this standard and comparing others to the standard to and ultimately starts to deviate from the initial goal of art – creation. The deviation starts to evolve from comparison into competition.

Competition is often promoted in a positive light especially in our initial schooling years. We play games we look for winners and losers and better and worse and whilst this is fantastic for sports and contests in terms of entertainment it is destructive to the process of creative growth within the artist.

The driving force of creation soon becomes secondary to the drive to be on top or to be appreciated and the ego devourers the self thus the self can no longer express itself purely in the art. It is important to understand these tendencies are conditioned within us and to be aware of our attitude towards our actions and ultimately ask ourselves are we creators or competitors?

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