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How To Draw In Any Style You Want

In this extract from the AMB Real Animator Training Library I was asked to draw characters in varying styles and explain their construction. This presented me with the opportunity to demonstrate how the animation professional has to have the ability to quickly adapt to the many different styles of the projects that he will likely work on during his career. A lack of versatility will most likely result in a difficult career filled with struggle and frustration to find positions in the workplace.

Ultimately Style is a variable aesthetic that is based on a consistent subject ‘Life’. Simple construction methods and graphic shapes are all based upon anatomy weather it be humans, animals or environments. It is vitally important to understand that these elements precede style and style is ultimately a stylisation of them.

The common error made by most enthusiasts, amateurs and beginners is to focus on the external as opposed to the internal thus result in crude miss informed work that under-represents the subject matter.

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