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How To Deal with Criticism as an Artist and Handle Haters

how to deal with criticism as an artist and deal with haters and negative comments.

In this Video I answer a question put to me about how to handle criticism as an artist and deal with negative comments from haters and people with negative feedback. This is something that many artists from all walks of life and varying levels of experience often struggle with.

If a problem has to be solved it is important to evaluate it and approach it logically – in effect critique it. criticism is a very important part of an artist’s growth process and when utilised in the right logical context a very necessary element of healthy positive growth.

Though humans are logical problem solvers , sadly when it comes to examine themselves they often loose sight of logic and act on instinct and emotion. This is not a fault – it is a natural process and human beings have evolved due to their brains developed process of making snap judgments in order to preserve the health of the body. Our fight or flight mechanism in our brain is quickly triggered to respond to negative and confrontational situations and cause us to react in a defensive manner.

The instant emotional reaction to a hateful or negative comment that was uninvited will cause a similar negative action and thus the vibration of negativity and hate will grow and expand into your thoughts and infect your artwork. So it is very important to be completely aware of what you are – A human being and why you are feeling a certain way in such circumstances.

Context is a key player in remaining positive where criticism is concerned. You must understand your objective when presenting your artwork or showing your animation to people. If you are showing it with a mindset that is looking for feedback and critiques then your brain is prepared for it and better able to handle any possible negative feedback.

However if you have spent a great deal of effort on a piece of art and are very proud of your accomplishments and wish to show it to people as a celebration of your achievements your minds objective is in a completely different place and it’s likely even a well intentioned comment that has a negative sting to it is going to hurt a little and any outright hate is going to hurt a whole lot more.

It is better to ignore all criticism when you are in this initial phase of thought as the likelihood of negativity affecting your mindset and future work is high. It may often result in a declining spiral of fear and self doubt that intimidates you from ever putting stuff out there again. Whilst some strong hearted people may say its healthy to take it and become thick skinned they are ignoring the basic root cause of discomfort and it is better not to risk your positive mental stability regarding the growth of your art to test your mental strength. sooner or later it all adds up and the mightiest rock will crumble.

It is important to balance your artistic growth with positive feel good vibes and painful but progressive and constructive growth through criticism. Do not to try and clump all your experiences into a single rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows. Also it is very important to take into account the quality of feedback, criticism, comment or opinions you are getting. Many beginners are hungry for critiques and throw their work onto forums and lap up every comment as though it is equal.

The fact of the matter is every comment is a valid opinion from a person but certainly not equal in terms of understanding and experience. Do not let the opinions or verdicts of those who know very little about a subject weigh you down. They might claim to be experts or even have more ability than you but examine their history and track record. Always try to seek out professional and established advice as often as you can. It is strange that in matters of physical health we are very selective of doctors and physicians but in terms of art and mental health we lower the bar and regard too many amateurs as experts.

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