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How To Be Confident In Your Art & Animation

How to be Confident in your Art
In this video I answer the questions put me regarding how to over come the comfort zone and does artistic ability come with a natural gift or talent or through hard work and determination. Both these issues relate to the other question which I received of How to be confident in your art.

Ultimately the moment you start to question your ability and doubt yourself as an artist is a moment where your confidence is shaken and called into question. This can occur when you step out of your comfort zone and are suddenly finding yourself struggling in an area where you perhaps have little experience.

The pain of struggle is actually a very necessary growing pain that has to playout and the discomfort will soon be a new level of your comfort zone. However it is often the case where the struggle can cause a disheartened feeling that results in a shaken self confidence and it is important to be aware that you are learning something new.

Another issue with confidence is labeling our selves and making excuses as to why we are not where we would like to be. Often the well known scenario of natural flare and talent comes into play. Whilst there is a truth that some people may pick skills up in certain areas where others might struggle – ultimately both parties have to work consistently at that skill to become proficient at it. the time taken and amount of effort required has little to do with an individuals actual accomplishment of the task and comparing himself to others in relation to these factors is yet again an assault on self confidence and a justification for giving up.

A lack of confidence is essentially ignorance and we are all ignorant about certain things. We fear the unknown and doubt the possibility of overcoming a fear that we build up. However if we acknowledge the ignorance and understand that over time we will gain knowledge and power we can soon become certain and know that we will eventually achieve what we seek and thus become confident in our art and animation.

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