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Character Design Class – How to Draw in a professional style

I was asked a question by a very dedicated and talented youngster on twitter and couldn’t resist helping them out!

Andjela has been a regular viewer of my livestreams and although she is a little young to be a member of the AMB Live Stream Library Inner Circle – she always tries her best to make it to one of my public live streams and pick my brain or absorb any information that I have to share. It is my pleasure to be able to share my time and give my knowledge to such enthusiastic, ambitious and dedicated youngsters free of charge and I could see that she really wanted to learn so I was happy to oblige her.

In this Free Character Design Class I demonstrate how Classic Disney Character Design was concerned with more than pretty faces and appealing shapes. It was in essence primarily concerned with the illusion of life. The term is not just limited to animation as life is the essence of all living things with instincts, personality and what could be described as – a soul.

I demonstrate that understanding anatomy is vital to conveying character and solid , informed character design. Simply looking at a popular style and copying the characters will more likely result in a empty shell of a character void of that all important ‘illusion of life’ in order to recreate life we must study it.

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