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Character Animation Tutorial – How To Animate A Character Sneezing

In this extract of the AMB Animation Real Animator Training Library Lectures I was asked how to animate a sneeze so I demonstrated the entire process during the lecture. I emphasised throughout the course that the animator must first establish the process of action by planning with thumbnail drawings. I demonstrate that even with a quick and extremely rough process of working out the action via little thumbnail sketches, the animator is ensured a much more convincing and effective piece of character animation.

After the thumbnail planning the keys and extreme frames are established in a quick rough manner. Once the relationship between the poses is working the character is drawn and defined a little more but still worked at a loose and rough stage. Once these are established the breakdown drawings are made to define the spacing of the action. The spacing will indicate the speed of the action throughout the scene. Although the timing remains undefined in the demonstration the spacing indicates how the timing will be determined if the scene was to be taken further in regards to length and frame numbers.

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