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Character Animation Tips – Drawing Shapes Is The Secret!

The Secret to Great Character Animation is knowing How to draw shapes. Shapes are the major defining aspects that create appealing poses as well as solid and strong character design and interesting animation. Understanding Shapes is the 2D animators key to consistency and one of the greatest Character Animation Tips for animators who work in all mediums.

In this Stream I utilise the Great Glen Keane’s iconic Mermaid Character Design Ariel from the hit Disney Movie the little mermaid. I Demonstrate how the character is broken down into definite manageable shapes that not only enable the animator to move her effectively but also establish the identity of the character as well as over all strong posing.

I later establish how the shapes are then manipulated and altered to make interesting transitions into each key frame of animation involving the character. The animator can quickly and effectively block out an action with the shapes and then draw the character on top afterwards.

Character animation in 2d at the very highest level is a process of both line and shape manipulation and as line is used to make up shapes that our eye will process as objects or characters, knowing how to draw and animate shapes is the character animators key to strong and appealing animation.

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