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Why Your Art Isn’t Improving

Here’s Why Your Art Isn’t Improving and How you can change things to start making real progress

Want to to know How To Learn How To Animate or Draw or just about Anything you want to? The key is to focus on the actual thing that you intend to do!
Sounds simple doesn’t it! Well it is simple but that does not mean that it is easy. If it was you wouldn’t be here right now watching the video or reading my words. Lack of focus is a common progress amongst creatives who regularly see inspiration everywhere and battle against ego and personal insecurity. Also personal enjoyment and recreation is often given priority over learning essential basics and this inevitably results into the reason why your art isn’t improving.

In This AMB Animation Academy Artists Mentor Session I answer a question put to me about how to stop endlessly learning and start actually doing something. In other words how to get out of the learning zone. This question could also be phrased as how to learn how to animate or do just about anything you truly desire to accomplish.
Zones are certain places we often find ourselves in and there are familiar ones such as the Danger zone and the comfort zone. This topic covers the Learning Zone and initially this is a fantastic place to be in because learning is great! Without learning one can never really understand how to accomplish anything effectively. However there is a certain point in certain mind-sets where the learning zone discreetly evolves and eventually alters entirely into the comfort zone.

The name comfort Zone suggests that it is a safe haven a lovely place to lie down and rest at ease. And it is exactly that! However if personal growth and accomplishment is your ambition then the comfort zone is the worst possible place to find yourself in. When you are resting comfortably essentially you are not going to be getting anywhere – you are not going to be reaching and stretching – often experiencing discomfort to pull yourself out of the comfort zone and onto a higher plane.
The constant learning process sets up a comfortable framework in your mind set that you are not ready to make the move towards the particular task you wish to accomplish. You might try it a little but you still need to keep preparing and learning over and over until eventually so much time has passed and you have lost all interest or passion in that particular thing. You then deem yourself a failure at it and at the same time pat yourself on the back (comfortably) for trying hard and going all out to learn it.

The fact is that you did everything you could to avoid doing the things that you really knew deep down inside you should be doing to get the results you desired. You kept seeking for alternative ways and means that could perhaps be more to your tastes and interests in accomplishing the goal – in other words – The easy way.

Well there is an easy way and it’s the obvious way – the way you should have taken from the very beginning but perhaps it just didn’t appeal to you. In other words you either need to accept the goal wasn’t really what you desired or you have to change your attitude.

Attitude is made up of three aspects – your thoughts, your feelings about those thoughts and the actions you take based upon those feelings. If they are negative to the goal you can bet the results will be exactly that. If they are positive then likewise the results will be so too.
If your feelings are negative as is often the case but you truly desire the objective then re-programme your attitude to thing constructively and positively about attaining the goal. Visualise yourself already able to do the things you desire to do then set about doing the things you don’t enjoy in relation to it constructively with that visualisation in mind. You will soon find yourself enjoying those things and doing everything that is necessary to accomplish your task.

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