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Animation Tutorial – How to draw references from Live Action

This video covers a question from the AMB Animation Academy Facebook page regarding how to draw references and poses from live action footage. Using Live action film is often advisable in animation and many of the great Disney animators also did so either from sketches or via reference stats.

By constantly training ourselves to research from reality we develop good habits in researching movement and not being lazy. We also build a mental library over time of how certain body movements are done. As the scenarios goes – the more you do the more familiar it shall become.

Gesture Drawing is a vital part in doing these reference drawings as the artist must be primarily concerned with the movement flow and simplicity of shapes in order to capture the sources essence and translate it successfully into their animation.

I the above video I outline that referencing any movement is just like thumbnailing animation. We need to think about extreme poses and key poses. These poses can then be utilised in our animation and either altered or discarded completely to achieve the desired results.

Once the poses have been roughed out to satisfaction it is then advisable to exaggerate them and insert added cartoon appeal toi strengthen the animation principles. Afterwards the Keys will have to be timed out then broken down and inbetweened.

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