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How To Animate Jumping Action In Perspective

In This extract of AMB Animation Real Animator Training Lecture I was asked by a member of the audience to demo a jump action in perspective and specifically with a bunny rabbit character. I taken the opportunity to teach some essential basics regarding moving characters and objects in perspective.

The Extreme frames were blocked out incredibly loosely and then some additional key frames. Afterwards a design was established and then roughed on top of the keys. It is very important to understand that rouging out an action , particularly when thumbnails have not been made, is an essential time saving process as it guarantees the mechanics of the action as well as other fundamentals such as arcs are working before committing to detailed drawing.

Many beginners tend to think drawing tight will save time on clean up without realizing that their tight frames will likely need many adjustments before all the fundamentals are in place.
Once the roughs have been completed further breakdowns are added to establish the action further.

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