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How to Animate Faces – Subtle Facial Expressions

In this Livestream extract I answer two questions put to me by a AMB Animation Academy Live stream Library Member. I focus more on one question regarding animating slow subtle facial expressions

The other question was a drawing and character design related topic requesting me to demonstrate my interpretation of the Nintendo character Link from the popular Legend of Zelda Franchise. The latest encounter being Breath of the Wild.

I decided to give my self a challenge and attempt to do some slow subtle facial animation in the stream using the Link character. It is an opportunity to show my viewers exactly how I would familiarise myself with a character design in order to animate or draw it. However a mere hours play as in this livestream is certainly not enough time for any serious character exploration. Such an exercise would take a few days to a month depending on project demands.

In the stream I go through the process of planning the acting with very rough thumbnails and then taking them into key animation and breaking them down. I outline the challenges that the animator must face when tackling this kind of animation and emphasize that it is is far less forgiving than the flashy quick flow of action scenes.

The actual process taken just over an hour and you can get a taste of it in this edit of the stream. You can view the entire stream inside the AMB Animation Academy Livestream Library.

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