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How To Animate a Basic Head Turn – Real Animator Training

How to Animate a Basic Head Turn Action
In this edited clip from the AMB Animation Real Animator Training Library we learn the concepts of animating the basic head turn by utilising principles learned from earlier training library lectures such as arcing, slowing in and slowing out as well as timing and spacing.

Animating a head turn is in many ways similar to the bouncing ball and more specifically the basic pendulum swing. However, now we are factoring in the concept of character animation and thus exploring another major animation principle – Solid Drawing.

One of the greatest challenges facing beginner animators and learners is maintaining volume and mass. The facial proportions and overall solidity of a character must be consistent throughout the animation in order to result in a successful illusion of life and movement.

Solid drawing is heavily based on strong design sensibilities and a great understanding of character construction. This video teaches exactly how to approach facial proportion in terms of character construction on a basic ‘stickman’ design. It is important to understand that beyond the surface of aesthetic style, all characters are made up of lines and shapes and the animator must be able to manage and understand them in order to be in control of the character.

Aside from construction this lecture also identifies how to get a more naturalistic head turn action than the standard dip and blink so often exploited by beginners.

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