Character Design-Master Drawing Cartoon Faces

Drawing Cartoon Faces will become a second nature to you after watching this Professional Video Tutorial
This 1 hour 45 minute A.M.B Animation Academy video tutorial is presented in a step by step drawing process. Upon viewing you will learn how to capture the essence and feel from a face and interpret it into your very own character design.

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Video Duration 1hr 47 mins
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Drawing Cartoon Faces The Professional Way

The video reveals professional techniques used by the character designer to interpret faces from photographic reference into a cartoon character design. The designers approach is very different from the art of caricature and focuses on capturing the essence and feel from the source material as opposed to creating an exact cartoon likeness.

The tutorial will demonstrate the significance of drawing in terms of definite shapes and refining them into simple and appealing combinations that will result into a successful character design. The character art is specially geared to illustration styles based around 2D hand drawn Animation. The example used is similar to that of the well-established and celebrated Disney Princess.

The tutorial demonstrates the evolution of the design process from initial rough sketches to working out a design then drawing a tie down to determine the fine line stage of clean up. Once the drawing is cleaned up it is then coloured via the process of digital painting.

Many beginners and amateurs believe that they will become proficient at drawing cartoon faces simply by copying the cartoon characters that they like. This makes them great at copying or even outstanding at fan art and it may even help them memorise a few shapes. However one can not really become a successful or competent character designer simply by copying and recycling other established characters. To truly succeed in drawing cartoon faces and designing appealing original yet familiar characters in a specific style one must study a real face as well and develop some proficiency in drawing from life.

The stages of the video tutorial are

  1.  Making rough reference sketches based from photographs
  2. Making various rough cartoon drawings that attempt to interpret the essence and feel from the initial rough sketches.
  3. Exploring the shapes made in the previous stage and refining them to establish a rough character design.
  4. Making a tie down drawing of the design by finalising all line and shape choices.
  5. character clean up art. Tracing the tie down drawing with fine line art and adding thick and thin line quality for weight.
  6. colouring the character art via the process of digital painting. Making a simple block colour then adding light and shade.
    Manipulating the colour of the line and blending the tones.

The artwork produced in this tutorial was completed using the software Adobe Photoshop CS6
Viewers are to take note that this tutorial is designed for students interested in learning the actual drawing and design process as opposed to the technical programme specifications.
The teaching style within this video can be adapted by users that wish to draw and colour with any software that suits their preference or with pencil and paper.

Software tools and techniques are only touched upon briefly and when necessary to the specific process being demonstrated in the video. All drawing practices in this video can be recreated without software by using traditional drawing materials.

However viewers are advised that the colouring process is based upon the software and this is explained in the video.

This product can be purchased from all countries that have PayPal. The Price will adapt to your currency upon purchase

Price £10

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