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2D Drawn Animation Tutorial – How To Animate Fire or Flames by hand.

How to Animate Fire or flame cycle in hand drawn traditional animation. In this extract fro the AMB Animation Academy Live stream I demonstrate using the straight ahead animation technique the process of animating a flame cycle by hand.

FX animation is widely done using computer programmes today and it is understandable why. Whether 2D or 3D the computer generated flame or fire is a very accurate and realistic representation of fire and also a very efficient way of creating life like effects.

Because of this the traditional hand drawn fx animation of such elements has declined. Even in modern fully traditional animated projects there is a tendency to rely on the computer generated effects to save time and also because of the life like representation.

Hand drawn effects are still practiced today and are becoming widely used as a stylised alternative in advertising and television. Also independent animators are becoming interested in traditional animation and I am receiving more and more questions regarding hand drawn FX Animation.

In the video I was asked about animating fire and I quickly animated a simple candle flame cycle using the reverse curve principle. You will see that due to the organic nature of the flame the animator can be loose and free with the shapes whilst practicing the reversal technique.

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