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2D Animation Tutorial – How Professional Animators Animate quickly

In this AMB Animation Livestream I demonstrate how top tier animation professionals animate high quality character designs quickly and effectively with a seemingly effortless display. I utilise the complex character design of Rasputin from the Don Bluth Masterpiece Anastasia and show you exactly how Professional animators animate quickly.

In the live demo I talk you through the entire blocking process step by step from the initial rough pass to the rough key and breakdown stage. I also touch a little on timing.

Ultimately it all boils down to understanding your characters construction to the extent that it can be represented by the most minimal use of lines and shapes. Though the process may appear very simple and effortless it takes an in depth knowledge of anatomy and character construction as well as the 12 major principles of animation to achieve results at speed such as those demonstrated in the video. Work hard – focus on the basics and you too will be animating high quality characters to a high quality standard at a super fast speed rate!

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