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2D Animation Tutorial – Preparing Rough Animation for Clean Up

In This Animation Tutorial I cover the process that a professional Animator must go through to prepare rough animation for clean up animation. The process is called Tie Down Animation.

Once the animation has been roughed out to a stage where the animator is happy with the action the drawings must be refined before being fully cleaned up. The tie down process ensures that volumes are in tact and arcs are fully working as well as the character being completely on model. This will ensure that the clean up art can focus on Line quality and inbetweening.

The Tie down stage is normally executed by the animator or in some cases the assistant before going on to the clean up department. In today’s climate it is not unusual for animators to clean their own work and they must be well versed in the order that the drawings must be made for the process to be as accurate and efficient as possible.

Tie down animation is often only done on the extreme frames keyframes and break downs. as in betweens are the in between frames that make it all flow. It is counterproductive to tie down these drawings as their placement is dependent on the accuracy of the major frame sets.

Once the Key frames and breakdowns are locked down they can then be cleaned up and after that the inbetweens can be drawn. One can do rough inbetweens to get a feel for the pencil or line tests but these roughs will always be discarded.

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