This is the first video in a proposed series where I answer questions put to me by members of the A.M.B Animation Academy Facebook page. This lecture focuses on a message I received from Oleg Condrea – An Animation student and enthusiast based in Denmark. He sent his drawing of a cartoon character along with his clean up. In the video I demonstrate that doing a final clean line drawing is not simply a case of tracing over a rough drawing. Doing so will result in the loss of appeal, life and energy. I explain the animation process known as tie-down drawing. Where the shapes and lines are defined and solidified in order to be prepared for tracing of in final Clean up line drawing. After the session I answer his letter which poses questions regarding animation books and resources. I also talk about life drawing specifically for animation and how to maximise the approach in order to achieve the best possible results. I hope you find the lecture, tutorial and how to do video insightful. Below is the link to the FB Academy page. Please do join – and feel free to submit your work if you feel I can be of help!
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