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2D Animation Tutorial – How to Animate Cartoon Characters

In this traditional animation tutorial I demonstrate how to animate cartoon characters b utilising one of the most established designs of Master cartoon Animator Eric Goldberg – The Genie from Disney’s Aladdin.

I go through the process of establishing the major poses or key frames for an action with the character. The main emphasis is placed on strong and clearly defined poses that express character and appeal from their outline or silhouette.

Eric Goldberg’s design for the Genie was based upon the cartoon work of Hirchfield and it expresses a continuous flowing line. thus when posing the Genie the same approach must be utilised by drawing a flowing shape that can transition effortlessly from one pose to another.

Good character animation , cartoon or otherwise is essentially down to the expression of character through movement thus having strong expressive poses is an absolute must for desirable results. Body language speaks volumes – especially in long shots and often is over looked by the beginner who is over eager to focus mainly on facial expressions.

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