2D Animation-Cartoon Mouth Drawing

Animating Mouth Shapes is something interests most people and particularly those starting out in animation. The concept of making a make believe character talk is a fascinating and exciting option for those wishing to tell stories and make their characters converse and communicate with their audience.
Aside from Dialogue the mouth shape is one of the key signifiers of emotion and expression and it is vitally important to be able to draw appealing mouth shapes that convey a particular emotion clearly to the viewer. Once you understand how to draw a basic mouth shape and inject expression into it animating mouth shapes will become a whole lot easier.

The appealing aspect of cartoon animation is that the possibilities of character design are limitless. All different types of species can be explored as well as mythical make believe creatures. The video demonstration on this page illustrates how simple it is to understand the concept of a basic mouth shape and adapt it into various different styles of mouth design. The example utilised is a reptile but this can easily be a beak or a muzzle.

Animating Mouth Shapes will be much clearer to you after watching the video and then you can attempt to design your own mouth shapes based on the established, professional animation industry standard based information given to you from the visual demonstration.

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